User Terms, Conditions and Consent

Kolding, 1. May 2021


Acceptance of consent and user terms and conditions.

By logging in to ZimaOne Workplace, hereinafter referred to as the Application, you (the user) accept the following terms of use, conditions, and consent to data processing. You will be able to find a copy of this agreement under your user profile.

The parties

The user, you who log on to the system ZimaOne Workplace hereinafter referred to as the user.


subscription owner (organization that invites you in) hereinafter referred to as Data Managers


ZimaOne Danmark ApS
Olaf Ryesgade 7K
6000 Kolding
CVR: 33761198

hereinafter referred to as the Data Processor and the Supplier.


Consent to data processing

I (the user) hereby agree that the Data Controller and Data Processor may use the personal information as mentioned below for use in the Application ZimaOne Workplace where this information will be used to optimize the collaboration, working relationship and workplace. I am aware that I may revoke my consent at any time as described below.


Rights of the data subject (the user)

I (the user) must always contact the Data Controller and Data Processor with inquiries about the enforcement of the following rights:

The right of access: I have the right to access my personal information, which is processed by the data controller.

The right to rectification: I have the right to rectify my personal information, which is processed by the data controller

The right to be forgotten / deleted: I have the right to have my personal information deleted, which the data controller processes.

The right to data portability: I have the right to receive my information, which is processed by the data controller, in a machine-readable format.

The right to limit the processing: I have the right to object and place restrictions on the processing of my personal data, which the data controller processes


Consent withdrawal.

This consent can be withdrawn at any time by contacting your system administrator or contacting ZimaOne Workplace. Because of a withdrawal, you (the user) will be deleted from the system, as the system without your information will not be able to function at an optimal level.


Data that can be stored and for which consent is given are:

Full name, Address, Postal code, City, E-mail, Telephone, Mobile phone, Date of birth, Job title, Picture, including your function and position in the Organization at Subscription owner, as well as close relatives. In addition, in the future it will also be possible to store data such as gender, age, CPR number, Employee ID, Job start-date and information about the employment relationship such as working hours, working conditions, holidays and absence, just as questionnaires may be sent out, collected and stored in the Application.

All data is stored only for internal use in the system and is only shared with the Subscription owner in which you participate as a user and to ZimaOne Denmark which is the data processor and supplier of the Application.

For further information on consent, please contact the data controller or data processor.


User terms and conditions for the use of ZimaOne Workplace

To make use of the Application, the following user terms and conditions apply.


Good data practice and code of conduct

To use the Application, good data practice and good behavior and moral use of the Application are expected. The application allows you (the user) to interact with other users. We want to maintain a respectful environment for all, which means that you must follow this basic code of conduct, which stipulates that you:

– complies with all applicable laws

– respects the rights of others, including the right to privacy and intellectual property rights

– do not abuse or harm others or yourself (or threaten or encourage such abuse or harm), e.g. in the form of deception, fraud, slander, bullying, harassment or persecution of others

– does not abuse, damage, disrupt or interrupt the Application


Responsibility for own data input to the Application

It is the user’s responsibility for the legality of the uploaded material and the written text for the Application is fully legal and follows Danish law. This may include restrictions, legislation, rules and / or permissions given by the data controller to the use and users of the Application.



The user may not pass on information or content to third parties or make copies of the information for his own use unless permission has been given. All content on the Application is intended for internal use and may therefore not be used in other contexts outside the Application, unless agreed with Data responsible.


Access to the Application is personal

The access to the Application is personal and this access must under no circumstances be shared with others or in any way be able to get into the hands of third parties. User ID and password are personal and secret and should be of a quality that makes it difficult to break. You must NEVER share or communicate this to third parties. ZimaOne Workplace (data processor) or data controller will never ask for your access information.


Blocking access to the Application

If ZimaOne Workplace violates the general rules or misuse of the Application, ZimaOne Workplace reserves the right to block user access immediately. ZimaOne Workplace has the full right to define the word Abuse and its content. If the abuse or the illegality is illegal according to Danish law, is of a particularly serious nature, it cannot be ruled out that prosecution can take place.


Copyright and ownership

ZimaOne Denmark owns all rights to the Application. Although we give you permission to use our services, we retain all rights we have over the Application as a software product. The content and data uploaded to the Application belong to the data controller.


Use of Cookies

ZimaOne Workplace uses cookies in connection with the Application’s functionality and to measure the Application’s use and performance, including how the Application is used to optimize the best user experience of the Application.


Dispute over terms of use and consent

These Terms of Use and Consent are subject to Danish law. Any dispute that may arise in connection with these Terms of Use and Consent, including disputes concerning the existence and validity of the Terms of Use, shall be settled at Kolding City Court, where ZimaOne Denmark has jurisdiction.